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Is your child looking to...

build confidence?

improve academic skills?

prepare for exams?

develop a love of learning?

strengthen subject knowledge?

You're in the right place!

At a glance

Days: TBC

Times: TBC

Length: from 30 minutes

Suitable for ages 3-11


Tutoring at Purposeful Play focuses on providing additional academic support for children in preschool through to Year 6 (age 3-11). Working closely with the child, we identify areas of focus; subjects they may be struggling with or areas that they would like to develop and support your child in ensuring that they have the knowledge and understanding necessary to reach their goals.  

Tutoring Benefits

Tutoring provides a wide range of benefits for your child and at Purposeful Play, all sessions are:

  • individually tailored providing a unique learning experience that can't always be given in the classroom. 

  • taught by qualified teacher

  • on a 1:1 basis allowing for sole focus and less distractions

  • aligned with the national curriculum 

  • taught online or at home - whichever feels most comfortable.

  • taken at the child's pace

Does my child need a Tutor?

Signs that suggest your child may need a tutor include:

  • lack of interest in learning

  • low self esteem

  • tears before school

  • revises well for tests (i.e. spelling/phonics tests) but the outcome is low

  • school reports/parents evening demonstrate that your child is not working at the expected level

  • not having mastered the basics and are finding it difficult to keep up

  • missed a significant amount of schooling and need to catch up

Tutoring can make a huge difference in a child's academic journey. Providing them the opportunity to master the basics and expand their capabilities in a safe and supportive environment will give them the boost in confidence that they need to help them reignite their passion for learning. 

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