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Make A Mark!

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Is your child looking to...

learn new skills?

make new friends?

explore and discover?

have fun?

try something new?

You're in the right place!

At a glance

Day: TBC

Time: TBC

Length: 45 minutes

Suitable for ages 2-5

Price: TBC

Session Description

Mark making refers to the lines, dots, scribbles and patterns that young children make when drawing, painting, running sticks through sand, jumping in mud and everything in between. It’s important to recognise that mark making isn’t just about writing and drawing and that it is a very important step in a child's developmental journey.  

At Purposeful Play, Make A Mark classes offer a wide range of interactive and educational activities that have been carefully crafted to ensure that children have great fun whilst learning. Each class begins with the learning of a new skill followed by a number of engaging, practical activities that strengthen and support the development of each child at their own pace.  


All classes

  • support early writing

  • play a crucial role in several prime and specific areas of learning

  • follow the statutory framework for Early Years Foundation Stage providing children with the best start towards great progress throughout school and life. ​

  • promote the development of many fundamental skills.​

Fine Motor      Pencil Grip                      Finger Strength      Gross Motor      Coordination     Core Control          Posture        Dexterity                                And a Whole Lot More!

pom poms 1.jpg

Fine Motor         Pencil Grip          Finger Strength

           Gross Motor           Coordination           

Core Control          Posture        Dexterity                              And a Whole Lot More!

Session Benefits

Make A Mark classes

  • are led by a qualified teacher 

  • provide structure, mixing focused teacher time with learning through play

  • offer table top tips to caregivers on how to encourage and develop learning

  • ask caregivers to join in, showing support and spending focused time together

  • are fully interactive and educational 

  • arrange new activities and learning objectives each week  

Above all else, classes are FUN, ENGAGING and NOT TO BE MISSED!

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